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Company overview

IRESS is a principal supplier of share market and wealth management systems in Australia, Asia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Our solutions

We produce innovative, sophisticated solutions for serious financial market and wealth management participants.

Our two core product streams, IRESS and XPLAN, comprise an equity information and trading platform and an extensive suite of financial planning and associated tools.

Both product streams support a diverse range of roles and offer front, middle and back-office functionality.

All our solutions tailor to the individual needs of our clients.

Our clients

IRESS clients range from large corporations through to independent operators. We support all financial market and wealth participants who have a need to manage and monitor industry information.

Who we are

We are a progressive, service-based organisation that employs over 1300 staff in 14 offices worldwide. Located in the centre of the major financial districts, our staff have local knowledge and industry experience. Open channels of communication keep us focused and informed across the entire business.

Our relationships

We strive for excellence in our relationships with clients and industry bodies alike. We are client-driven, responsive and promote a culture that supports working with our customers and the industry to face challenges and keep pace with industry developments.

IRESS at a glance

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  • Employees 1340
    Global Employees
  • Offices 14
    Global Offices
  • Established 20+
    Years Experience
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