It's XPLAN Prime time

XPLAN Prime is changing the way advice professionals provide scaled advice - delivering flexibility and efficiency to their business and supporting quality outcomes for their clients.

XPLAN Prime is a guided advice solution that enables the provision of objective-based, scalable advice by providing a streamlined, highly optimised and efficient advice and review process.

Prime uses the underlying power of XPLAN’s client management, calculation, portfolio and research functionality; presented in a pre-defined, engaging and simple advice journey which can be used collaboratively with clients.

Prime is suitable for all business models - self-licensed firms, practices in boutique licensees, institutional dealer groups and member based super funds.

XPLAN Prime leverages the powerful advice capabilities of the XPLAN platform to deliver objective-based, scalable advice to meet a range of client needs and helps save significant time in delivering advice to clients.



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It's XPLAN Prime time


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Why it's XPLAN Prime time...


Objectives based advice

  • Follows an advice process based on the client’s objectives across multiple scenarios.
  • Includes a review process to track progress toward objectives, assess current strategies and make adjustments.
  • Produces and documents advice in real-time with the client, or in the back-office as an advice engine post meeting.

Simple, fast and efficient 

  • Single user interface simplifies the advice process while accessing powerful XPLAN functionality.

  • Seamless process increases efficiency and reduces cost to provide advice.

  • Engage with a higher volume of clients and clients for whom cost may have previously been prohibitive.

Strategy optimisation logic 

  • Optimiser, XPLAN Prime’s strategy based modelling tool, assesses options (based on criteria set by the adviser) and determines the most appropriate strategies and recommendations to achieve the client’s stated objectives.

  • Increases consistency of advice and reduces time taken by advisers in manually modelling and comparing multiple strategy and product options.

Multi-channel capability 

  • Supports engagement and delivery of advice via face to face, telephone and digital.

  • Enables provision of advice according to the client’s preferred method, time and budget.

  • Streamlined process provides a consistent level of service and advice across all channels. 

One unified solution

  • One simple and intuitive user interface.

  • One seamless exercise from KYC to advice document to implementation, with no re-keying of data.

  • One set of compliance rules, one set of advice documents, one client file.

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