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Staying relevant in a digital world means delivering an exceptional user experience. Aaron Knowles, Global Product Executive, talks how that can be a simpler reality. 


Have you noticed that the gap in mobile and online experiences between financial brands is widening? Now your competition isn’t just other advisers, managers or brokers, it’s other brands - both financial and non-financial.

The all-digital bank that’s taking mortgage applications to offer in 20 seconds; the automated investment adviser that’s offering accessible and affordable investment options; the insurance app that’s replaced brokers and bureaucracy with bots; and the zero-commission mobile trading app.

They’re making it as easy to access financial services as it is to order an Uber or purchase a television on Alibaba.

The digital user experiences they offer are setting (and resetting) your clients’ and members’ expectations. The pressure is on to keep up and stay relevant. So how can you?

Keeping up with end user expectations

Catering for an increasingly consumer-led market can be as simple as putting the right information and capability in the user’s hands.

That could be offering any level of self-serve capability, from a read-only information portal to automated investment advice and online trading capability. In fact, most advisory and investment firms do - in our recent online poll, almost a third (31%) said they have introduced a digital element to their service, the rest plan to do so in the near future.

We expect that within the next few years, digital will be a significant channel of your service delivery (alongside other channels). To differentiate and keep up with the pace of consumer expectations, it will be critical that digital is a well executed and high quality experience.

It’s why end consumers aren’t the only ones whose expectations are changing. The digital expectations and requirements of financial services businesses themselves have noticeably leapt forward in the last 12-24 months. They want greater levels of automation and customer centricity in their technology solutions. The focus has shifted from functionality to designing experiences that drive interaction and loyalty, and greater value for the business at all price points.

A digital roadmap starts and ends with the consumer

Just as your digital strategy has evolved and become more client-centric, so too has ours. 

User research with businesses, their users, and their clients and members is the first step in our product design process helping to ensure that each delivery is ‘right first time’.

To ensure you stay at the forefront of this fast-paced digital world, we’re delivering what you need sooner. Our solutions are increasingly updated in weeks, not months: releasing many improvements and iterations in swift response to market data and feedback.

We also follow the latest design practices to ensure our solutions look great, are easy to use and deliver the highly personalised experience you expect.

At the centre of our strategy is an unrelenting focus on operational efficiency. In other words, to enable you to do more business with fewer resources. Specifically:

  • The ability to create (and change and update) your own digital client experience in real-time, right down to the wording via a highly configurable solution built in line with leading digital design practice.
  • Ways to engage clients and members in their financial goals, including the ability to let them self-review how they are tracking based on up-to-the-minute data.
  • Integrated banking data, leveraging Open Banking and best-of-breed data aggregation.
  • Direct and secure messaging between a member or client and their adviser.
  • Real-time account opening and ongoing account updates directly from the portal.
  • Data and analytics that tell you who is accessing what, when and for how long.
  • The ability to integrate your own or other third party services directly into our digital portal.
  • Online trading capability, connecting your clients direct to their trading account.
  • Beautiful views of client data and portfolios.
  • Same solution on mobile and web for a consistent experience.

Keeping up with expectations and technology is always easier when you’re the one in control and that’s exactly what this breadth and depth of features and flexibility is designed to do.

By working seamlessly with your other advice and service channels, offering a high quality user experience has never been easier. Now you can be the ones to set the standard when it comes to digital service delivery.

Keep an eye out for more from us on these exciting developments and insight on making your digital service strategy a success.


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