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As we continue to add functionality to XPLAN which allows us to take the financial planning relationship online, I was given pause to reflect about how much of my work life is now online. IRESS is a global organisation and I spend a lot of time on video conferences with my colleagues around the world. I have gathered unique insight into their lives and experiences by seeing the space in which they work and live.

One colleague in Melbourne was working from home and I could see that his study was in the laundry which prompted the conversation about growing families and the desire to not compromise lifestyles by changing house. Another colleague in the UK office was chatting with me when I saw someone I knew walk through the background – I was able to introduce them; making virtual connections across the globe.

I have been conscious of my environment and attire during some of my late night conference calls - I’ve been known to adopt a TV presenters approach to what I wear, and unashamedly enjoy a glass of wine while my Canadian colleagues enjoy their morning coffee and we can all admire the sights of Toronto out the window. For me it’s about being comfortable with my colleagues to share who I am; my home, my interests, my drinking preferences. This inevitably builds empathy and trust which are crucial ingredients in any working relationship.

Virtual meetings provide a range of practical benefits such as reduced travel time, the ability to meet across time zones, reduced costs and increased efficiencies. The greatest benefit however might be the opportunity to be invited into spaces you wouldn’t normally be invited, and the additional depth and insight that can bring to a relationship with your clients and your colleagues.


Jacqui Lennon
Product Executive Wealth Management



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