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“Gamifying Australia’s superannuation industry is a fresh approach to address the thorny issue of engagement.”

- Jeff Hall, Managing Director, Superannuation 


Many superannuation funds have developed a new arsenal of tools to help members plan for a  high-quality retirement. These tools can recalibrate how and when a fund engages with members, and include online transactions, personalised content and the option for digital advice offerings to name a few. They can help members measure spending levels and budgets and crucially monitor budgets in real-time, taking the guesswork out of the equation.


When these tools are tailored for each member’s personal super journey, together with digital technology options that are actually fun to use, it’s known as gamification.


Gamification is not new and for some years, select super funds have been rolling out gamification elements into their online relationship with members. Spurred on by the digital transformation process of taking their business online for members, online tools for many funds are now part of the member journey. However, the struggle to engage with members continues and remains the number one challenge funds face universally.


'Game On' was written by Jeff Hall, Managing Director, Superannuation and originally published in Superfunds Magazine, Nov 2018. It is now available to read in its entirety below.


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