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As part of IRESS’ ongoing commitment to IRESS Foundation partner Whitelion, IRESS’ Melbourne-based team have created a customised version of its CRM for Whitelion. 


The new CRM is helping Whitelion better interact with its community of supporters including communications and tracking donations.

Whitelion works with young Australians who are not living to their full potential due to circumstances out of their control like family breakdown, financial difficulties, untreated mental health issues and lack of positive role models. Whitelion supports these young people to create the life they want, not what they were given, through activities such as helping homeless youth find housing, providing mentoring programs and connecting young people with training, education and employment opportunities.

IRESS supports Whitelion by contributing financial support and encouraging employees to use their allocation of up to three volunteer leave days to work with the organisation.

Raymond Au, State Manager for Victoria at IRESS, said: “In our discussions with Whitelion, we learned they had several technology limitations impacting their ability to help more people and to operate efficiently. We recognised we could use our technology and skill-set to help them address their challenge by providing a working CRM to more effectively engage with donors. The IRESS team involved in providing the CRM are so proud to be able to help in this way and and to provide ongoing training and support as Whitelion starts using the CRM."

Whitelion Partnerships & Communications Manager, Paul Wilkinson said: “Managing donations and other forms of support and being able to simply and easily track engagements as well as send targeted communications and campaigns is critical to the ongoing success of our organisation. The time we save allows us to put more focus on the important work of supporting at-risk youth to achieve their full potential.”


Click here to learn more about Whitelion.

Click here to learn more about our foundation partnership with Whitelion.



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