We work closely with third-party software providers to develop, embed and permission functionality within the IRESS product user interface.

XPLAN globally integrates with more than 450 third-party systems providing XPLAN clients and users with additional functionality across six key categories: client engagement, practice management, gateways (for payments and messaging), investment and insurance product information and research, electronic applications and datafeeds.  

More information about a selection of the integrations available in each category can be found below.

We have a rich history of building custom integration with third-party providers and will continue to partner with other providers to extend the capability available to our clients.

Client engagement

Integrations to help maximise engagement with your clients and deliver a quality experience.


Schedule and hold video meetings with clients using XPLAN, screen share documents and applications, record advice discussions and return all records of meetings directly to the client’s file notes in XPLAN. Available globally.

Electronic applications

The electronic application (eApps) integrations that we have in place streamline the process of lodging a client’s application with investment and insurance process by providing you with the tools necessary to complete and execute your client’s request directly into a third-party form or system.


Gateway integrations with eCommerce applications authorise and streamline credit card or direct payment processing and gateway integrations with telecommunication network providers to send and receive text messages.

Investment and Insurance product information and research

Having access to relevant, up-to-date product information allows you to make qualitative and quantitative comparisons across key criteria to form recommendations for your clients.

IRESSnet Datafeeds

Datafeeds are an efficient way to import client data—administered by third-party data vendors— into your XPLAN site via IRESSnet.  

We have arrangements with hundreds ofthird-party data providers globally such as stockbrokers, asset/fund managers, investment platforms/wraps and insurance companies.

Practice management

Integrations that help you run your business more efficiently and effectively.


Provision of address suggestion in XPLAN for the Australian market. Available in Australia.


Transfer files from other digital storage and scanned paper documents to XPLAN. Available globally.

Google Maps 

Address mapping. Available globally.


MailChimp is an email marketing tool that allows you to create and track email campaigns. Sent emails are tracked, and you can view campaign statistics including number of emails opened, email links clicked, and subscription changes. Available globally.

Microsoft Office 

Seamlessly connects XPLAN to Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. Available globally.


Provision of postcode lookup for the United Kingdom. Available in the United Kingdom.


The TopDocs integration enables you to seamlessly order a document from within XPLAN and have XPLAN client data automatically prefill the TopDocs order forms. Available globally.

Activation of third-party application integrations, both custom and standard, are at the discretion of the client and site administrator.

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