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Bots have come a long way since Microsoft Clippy. Now advanced bots like Google Home and Amazon Echo have become commonplace in our homes and are helping make our daily lives easier.

The potential created by bots and artificial intelligence is generating a lot of excitement in the industry. With its capability to make use of underlying data and trend analysis to answer complex questions, it presents numerous opportunities to add innovation and value to the advice proposition.

Which gave us an idea…

Alexa, meet XPLAN

We couldn’t resist the chance to try a little experiment with two of our favourite technologies. So this week our team created an Alexa Skill for the Amazon Echo using XPLAN APIs to deliver a live verbal portfolio update.

Here’s what happened when Alexa met XPLAN.

What happened when Alexa met XPLAN?

Watch Alexa deliver a live portfolio update from XPLAN

The verdict?

As you can hear, the voice assistant experience is a very different one and therefore requires a whole new level of design thinking. It needs a deep understanding of the advice conversation, to replicate an emotional connection with the client. There are also practical and security considerations to think about, like the ability to single sign on via an Amazon account, or other social platforms.

A voice assistant like Alexa could offer many benefits for advisers and members of the advice business and we’re excited to be exploring its potential. What if we could ask Alexa to rebalance the portfolio, or read a piece of financial news or content aloud? The possibilities are endless.

Alexa and XPLAN have had their first date, it’s nothing serious yet but we can’t wait to see what develops.


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