Mindfulness for authentic leadership

Earlier this month we introduced you to leading mindfulness expert, Dr Richard Chambers.

In the next session, we'll learn how to communicate effectively, resolve conflict and enhance our listening skills for authentic leadership.

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Securities lending roadmap

We are trying to use this time to make the Iress software you rely on even better. Download our latest securities lending roadmap.

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The Iress built for better roadmap

Aaron Knowles, group executive for product, talks about how we're making the software you rely on even better and what we're developing to support the digital future of financial services.

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iLoan resources

How to change your password

Watch and learn how you can easily change your password in iLoan.

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How to navigate the Fund Mandate widget

Watch and learn how to use the fund mandate widget and its new features.

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Flexible. Scalable. Customisable.

Co-designed with users, iLoan makes it easier to access real-time market data on any device, from anywhere.

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We need your help!

Part of the migration into iLoan includes understanding how our clients use SLAMS. This survey will identify the screens utilized by each user enabling Iress to provide regular feedback on progress made with the migration of this functionality into the iLoan platform. It will also allow Iress to develop a training plan specific to the users that will help familiarize them with the new system enough to minimize productivity losses during the transition to iLoan.

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