As 2020 draws to a close and the world adjusts to a new and more evolved normal one thing we can be sure of is that the future of life and work will never be the same again.

At Iress, where our work, directly and indirectly, touches so many people across continents our Chief Product Officer, Joydip Das, is looking to accelerate and innovate and lead this change enabling Iress to reach more of our clients and customers with engaging digital experiences, richer analytics, and insights and automating away all inefficiencies. Read more about it here.

Integrating perFIX into the iLoan platform has allowed for the enrichment of the data provided in the Indication of Availability (IOA) widget to include the volume-weighted average fee (new loans) and market volume in each security borrowed.

These advancements in our technology will allow for an increase in the proactivity of trading desks who now have an improved grasp on their lender's available assets. Readily available market information on specials will aid the dialogue with beneficial owners and portfolio managers, in particular, to allow lenders to capitalize on opportunities that arise from a corporate event.

Finally we turn our attention to 2021 and the beginning of the user journey onto the iLoan platform.

In the first quarter we will focus on the migration of the perFIX community solution into iLoan and enhancing the solution to include daily reconciliation for the fee and interest calculations to provide additional efficiencies to the current month end billing process. We will then be engaging with our clients by inviting you to participate in various workshops in preparation for the migration of the collateral and corporate event management and replacement of the BDA Analysis.

Direct feedback from users on Iress software is hugely valuable, please spend 5 minutes participating in our reserves survey.

Wishing you and your families well over the December period.
Belinda Kasch
Business Lead - SLB

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iLoan reserves survey

Reserves are an integral part of the loans lifecycle. In iLoan, we are able to provide additional efficiencies in both the management and reporting of the reserves.

Lenders will no longer have to email reserves as iLoan will provide the users with the ability to publish the borrowers' reserves. Reserves that impact the allocation to Portfolios will be highlighted to assist Lenders with managing these reserves during the deal entry process.

Your responses to our survey will ensure your opinions and comments are included in improving this process.

Complete our survey