National Apprenticeship Week gets our backing

This week we've been proudly supporting National Apprenticeship Week and saluting all our recruits and the new energy and passion they bring to our business.

Our Apprenticeship Scheme was launched six years ago and is an important element of our talent attraction in that it helps to ensure we get exactly the knowledge, skills and behaviours we need while growing a talented and engaged workforce.

We've seen a number of our apprentices grow their careers successfully and are now well established within the business.

Lukas Millard and Oliver Anderson-Rose both joined Iress in October 2016 as Apprentice Software Engineers and are great examples of the opportunities that are offered through this worthwhile scheme. They both became Trainee Software Engineers in November 2017 and are now Junior Developers after being promoted again in July last year.

Oliver said: "The apprenticeship was an incredible experience with a great balance of working and studying, learning new things everyday. The training was really thorough and having dedicated support from the training provider and within Iress ensured that we were surrounded by people who really wanted to help us succeed and learn."

Lukas comments: "Iress for me has been a great place to work and learn - everyone is friendly and approachable, and the atmosphere is the right level of relaxed (for a workplace). The company is very supportive of learning given that they offer further education opportunities for anyone that is interested."

We wish Lukas, Oliver and all our apprentices the very best with their careers.