Iress integrates TP ICAP Fusion RFQ into trading platform

Financial technology provider Iress today announced that it has integrated TP ICAP’s Fusion RFQ (request for quote) into the Iress trading platform. This allows clients a greater choice of execution venue, connecting to multiple liquidity providers anonymously with minimal market impact. The broadening of Iress’ liquidity partners means that users of the platform are better able to ensure best execution and have access to a far greater range of securities.

Fusion RFQ has a global pool of over 14,500 instruments and 30+ liquidity providers. It gives firms the ability to trade pre and post market across single stock equities and ETFs and all trades are firm, with no ‘last look’.

The integration gives Iress’ clients direct, anonymous access to price transparency within a standardised workflow. This provides operational efficiency and liquidity access without the need for bilateral agreements. The increase in flows from the Iress trading community means that TP ICAP clients will have access to a larger pool of liquidity.

Aimed at hedge funds, wealth managers, private banks and sophisticated investors, Fusion RFQ enables trading across Pan EU and US single stock equities in sizes up to $2,000,000, and EU & US ETFs in sizes up to $100,000,000.

Iress' head of trading and market data - UK, Eugene O’Herlihy said: “We know access to liquidity is crucial for professional traders. This is why we’re pleased to add TP ICAP’s Fusion RFQ to our trading platform, providing greater flexibility and efficiency in a competitive market.”

TP ICAP Fusion RFQ’s head of EMEA sales, Patric Okumi, said: “We are delighted to be integrating with Iress’s market-leading trading platforms. This will provide a frictionless workflow for clients looking for extremely fast and efficient execution across Pan EU Single Stock Equities and ETFs. Our unique positioning allows us to provide access to a vast network of liquidity providers offering pricing during continuous and even pre/post market hours without the hassle of multiple bilateral relationships.”

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