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London & Country is using the IRESS Protection Package service on The Exchange for all its multi-quote and multi-benefit needs. Here, Lucy Brown, Head of Protection Sales at L&C, explains the reasons for choosing the service, the difference it's made on their business, and the value they get from their partnership with us.

"When we took the decision to submit our business directly to providers we needed to find a reliable solution that would benefit our customers through improved adviser efficiency and smooth customer experience. We needed to ensure that we were able to source accurate quotes from all providers and all policy types including multi benefit plans. The IRESS Protection Package service allows us to do that quickly and easily. The data entered on The Exchange can be seamlessly transferred to the Provider’s Extranet site in order to submit an application. 

It was very important for us to find a dynamic team to work alongside who would support us through the transition and have both the experience and desire to develop our systems and process further. With support and expertise from IRESS we have now integrated The Exchange into our existing CRM system and deployed IRESS to our 350 advisers across 3 sites. The comprehensive training and intuitive process made it very simple for advisers to generate quotes and converting them application right from their first use. Keeping our advisers happy was a key goal during the transition and the feedback internally has been remarkably positive.

We are excited about developing the partnership with IRESS to reduce both internal and customer friction. Ultimately this will lead to improved revenue, lower costs and most importantly more happy customers. The innovation and desire to improve our customers experience is very important to us and with IRESS we have found a partner that understands and supports our drive to constantly improve."

With offices in Bath, Newcastle-upon-Tyne and London, London & Country is the UK's largest fee free mortgage broker and adviser. Their aim is to deliver an excellent service that guarantees customers a simple and cost-effective process and were named Best Mortgage Broker in the Mortgage Strategy Awards 2016.

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