Financial Markets

What's keeping retail stockbrokers awake at night?

We spoke to some retail stockbroking clients to understand the challenges and opportunities they face.


Breaking bad data

When bad data happens to good businesses (and what you can do about it).


Make it better. Do it faster. Makes us stronger.

How we're improving the way we design and deliver software by altering the way we work.

Wealth Management

Why you need a data detox

Is your most valuable information getting lost?

Wealth Management

How to make advice management easier

Create more time to focus on what matters - delivering quality advice.

Wealth Management

Mastering bulk communications

Help build trust and loyalty while identifying new opportunities.


What will solve the gender diversity issue?

Two of our senior team discuss why diversity and inclusion needs more focus.


Can financial services reach the AI summit?

Until the focus on data changes, AI may remain a distant reality for most.

Wealth Management

Why you need a cashflow planning tool

Engage clients with their finances while ensuring suitable advice is evidenced.

Wealth Management

How to get a better view of your business

The clever capabilities underused in back office systems.

Wealth Management

How to meet your client service benchmarks

Giving clients the service they are promised, and one you want to deliver.

Wealth Management

Alexa - why do I need to personalise my client’s experience?

9 reasons why personalised service propositions are no longer optional.

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