Wealth Management

Demand more from your software

Why UK financial advice firms are demanding more from their software.


Mortgage review - best tweets of 2016

Henry Woodcock's sums up the events of the past year in tweets.

Wealth Management

Can investors get instant gratification?

How to make investing more engaging and more instantly satisfying.

Wealth Management

Alexa: tell me the future of financial advice technology

Could Amazon's latest must-have gadget also benefit financial advisers?


Social media: should lenders be bothered?

Lenders are bucking the trend when it comes to social media useage.


Mortgage efficiency in a nutshell

What the findings of the Mortgage Efficiency Survey mean for 2017.

Wealth Management

Software implementations: Don't forget the humans!

How to engage people to ensure successful adoption of new technology.


Cyber attacks: It just got personal

Mark Loosmore looks at what to watch out for and ways to guard your business.

Wealth Management

Is it time for a financial Fitbit?

Could wearable fitness technology hold the key to our financial fitness?


The IRESS commentary - July lending

Henry Woodcock comments on the latest CML gross lending figures.

Wealth Management

Is robo-advice an opportunity or a threat?

We asked Mark Loosmore what he thinks of so-called robo-advice.

Wealth Management

'Robo-advice' - what a silly name!

It's a big opportunity, the name just doesn’t do it justice says Chris Pitt.

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