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Aaron Knowles.jpgIf there's one thing we've learned from our most recent client and user survey, it's that when you raise an issue with us, you want it resolved much faster.


We know from our data that it’s been taking longer than it should to resolve some issues. Improving this is now a major focus for us.

What’s caused this hasn’t been a lack of trying but rather different systems within IRESS as well as different ways of working between teams.

So what have we done?

During 2018 we’ve introduced a single and consistent service platform right across IRESS - called IRESS Service Central. This is helping us reduce delays when an issue is passed between teams and better track hotspots in real time. We’re still fine tuning the platform to make sure it’s providing as much transparency as possible to our clients.

In addition, experts within our business are now sitting with our front line teams to solve issues in real time. This started organically but has permeated through our business and led to significant improvements in both response and resolution times and outcomes for clients.

"Experts within our business are now sitting with our front line teams to solve issues in real time."

It’s just the beginning but in the areas where we’ve made changes, the number of issues resolved on the same day as they were raised has increased 9%. In addition, 13% more issues have been resolved within front line teams without the need for escalation. Most importantly, it’s making it quicker for you and those who you support.

We’re now ready to roll these improvements out further at IRESS and look forward to keeping you updated on our progress.

I’d also encourage you read our Q&A with our head of delivery capability & coaching, Michael Stange, about how we're changing the way we think, work and deliver software to deliver better outcomes for our clients.


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