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Excitement is building as we gear up for the third annual IRESS Global Hackathon – a high energy, fast paced, pizza-fuelled event spanning five continents and multiple time-zones. Here, Andrew Todd, our new CTO, sums up why this is a hackathon like no other.

This will be my first IRESS Global Hackathon since joining the business as CTO. I’ve worked in firms where there is a strong culture of technology innovation and know of other tech companies and software houses that run hackathons, but very few come close to the scale of this one. It’s IRESS’ biggest hackathon yet and will see all our 1,800 people across Australia, New Zealand, Asia, South Africa, the UK and Canada invited to form teams and compete over an intense 24 hours. There’s just one focus - to generate creative ideas that drive real value for our clients, or for our people, and work together to bring them to life.

Delivering outcomes today

The hackathon teams have just 24 hours to turn their ideas into reality. They need to hack, develop, code and build, to take their concept as far as they can in that time.

But here’s the thing, innovation doesn’t need to be complex. In fact, it’s usually the simplest innovation that makes the biggest difference. In our case, it’s about using our knowledge and technological capability to streamline a process and create a better experience. In essence, applying creative thinking to solve a problem. And that’s exactly what the IRESS Global Hackathon is all about - teams coming together and pulling off some really cool ideas in a drive to design and create new solutions that will make a difference for the financial services industry or to the way we ourselves do things as a business.

Developing for tomorrow

Let’s be clear, the teams that do the best won’t just have a cool idea, like all high performance teams, they’ll have a strong value proposition and work cross functionally together to deliver the best outcomes. Take one of the winners from last year’s hackathon – a team set up across multiple time-zones in Toronto, Melbourne and London. They came up with an awesome idea that we knew our trading clients and their end-users would love; it got added to our roadmap and it’s being launched to a client as a real life solution.

Designing for the future

Over 300 ideas have been submitted into this year’s hackathon. I wonder which will become the fintech solutions that the industry will be using in 2018 and beyond? I sure can’t wait to find out. In an intense 24 hours possibilities will be explored, boundaries pushed, and problems solved. That’s true innovation. So IRESS Global Hackathon 2017, bring it on!


The IRESS Global Hackathon takes place 18-19 May. Follow #IRESS #Hackathon on Twitter for the latest action as it happens. If you would like to find out what it is like to be part of the team at IRESS, and to view existing vacancies, please look here



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