Older Borrowers

Why are older borrowers being left behind when it comes to mortgage lending?


Industry Voice Issue 1

The Connected World: how technology is enabling advisers and brokers to more effectively manage, use and share data, and improve their client interactions.


The Tipton Discusses Growing Challenges Facing First Time Buyers

Making the first step onto the property ladder is difficult for first time buyers (FTBs) with many obstructions standing in their way.


Scottish Widows 2016 Claims Statistics

It’s been over 200 years since we paid our first ever claim, and our heritage is extremely important to us.

Financial Advice

What investors need to know about property finance

Karl Griggs of CPC Finance shares insights from the 2017 Property Investor & Homebuyer show.


Claims...myth or reality?

It’s not just the amount and quality of the cover you are recommending that’s important; it’s trusting in the provider to pay a claim.


Managing clients' expectations in the protection market

How to avoid the frustrations of managing clients' expectations when it comes to the cost of protection.


Why it's time to revisit income protection

Sales of multiple and full protection plans are growing, but more can be done to bring home the importance of protection.

Financial Advice

The benefit of working with master brokers

Why working with a commercial master broker can help you achieve increased income revenue.

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