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With medical professionals being the people we look towards to help us get better we often forget they can also fall ill or have accidents that could stop them from earning.

Clients working in the public sector don’t usually have straightforward sick pay arrangements. They could get paid 100% of their salary for a defined number of months, followed by 50% of salary. Sick pay entitlement can also change with each year of service, making it difficult to select the right waiting period.

How can providers help advisers solve this problem?
Many providers offer NHS sick pay guarantees as part of their income protection policies to make it easier for advisers to recommend this cover to their clients in the public sector. The guarantees have been designed especially with medical professionals, such as dentists, doctors and surgeons in mind. You will simply need to choose the deferred period specified under the guarantee by the provider when setting up the policy.

It is also worth remembering that your clients don’t necessarily need to be employed by the NHS to use these guarantees. For example, LV= have just announced that doctors, dentists and surgeons will no longer need to be employed by the NHS as long as their sick pay arrangements match those of the NHS.

How else can providers support medical professionals?

Benefit guarantees
Most providers don’t like the idea of your clients not getting what they paid for. That is why lots of policies will include a benefit guarantee to ensure your clients who are medical professionals are protected against a genuine drop in income after they take out the policy.

Overseas cover
If you have clients who are medical professionals that may want to work abroad in the future then you can still be confident that their income protection will cover them. Many providers offer cover they can take with them to a selection of countries.
Sabbatical cover
Many providers offer a sabbatical cover feature that allows your client to take an extended break away from their role whilst still being covered under their policy providing they continue to pay their premiums.

No exclusions for HIV or AIDS
Needle-stick injuries can be a common occupational hazard for NHS workers. And while the risk is small, you can rest assured that lots of providers don’t have any exclusions for HIV or AIDS.

Helping you protect others…
All of these solutions make it easier for you to recommend an income protection solution to your clients who are medical professionals. And don’t forget some policies will also have sick pay guarantees for teachers too.

Find out more about income protection for medical professionals.

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