Wealth Management

The Death of Legacy Research Report 2017

How do you solve the challenges of an ageing legacy system? We interviewed COO's to find out their views.


Retirement Report: Retirement income and annuity perspectives

Our report looks at how the dust has settled following the introduction of pension freedom and all the choices we now have to try and achieve a sustainable income.

Wealth Management

Compeer Clients' View research 2016

1,000 end investors were surveyed to gauge their views on the impact of Brexit. This report produced in association with Compeer our research partner gives you the key findings.


Mortgage Efficiency Survey 2016

We tracked developments in the market over 12 months and compiled data from leading lenders to produce one of the biggest surveys into UK lending.

Wealth Management

Is robo-advice an opportunity or a threat?

A recent report found that as many as 9 in 10 advisers feel threatened by robo-advice. We grabbed our film crew and interviewed advisers for their thoughts.

Wealth Management

Will robo change advice as we know it?

What does the future of financial advice look like? We asked real advisers for their views and how they think robo-advice will impact their business.


IRESS Intermediary Mortgage Survey 2016

Insight into lender best practice and the experiences of intermediaries as they engage with lenders in the UK mortgage market.

Financial Markets

Trends in investor behaviour

We've analysed data from across IRESS digital products to share some key insights into daily investor activity and device useage.


Mortgage Efficiency Survey 2015

We've tracked developments in the market over 12 months enabling lenders to benchmark their mortgage sales and originations systems and processes against the mortgage market as a whole.


At Retirement Report: Edition Five

The report marks changes in the 'at retirement' space, with a particular focus on the evolution of the annuity market, and how this is impacting decision-making and retirees' returns.


At Retirement Report: Edition Four

We have now published the fourth edition of our At Retirement Report, marking changes in the 'at retirement' space, and how this is impacting decision-making and retirees' returns.


Data, Disruption and the Digital Consumer

Digitalisation has meant the needs and demands of consumers have undergone a seismic shift in the last decade.In this report, we examine how consumers interact with financial services and, more importantly, how they want to interact in the future.

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