The ‘Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II’ (MiFID II) is just around the corner and we’re helping our clients become fully equipped and ready.

Our software solutions have a profound role to play in enabling the investment firms, wealth managers and traders implement MiFID II in a compliant, effective and scalable manner. We can make it easier for you to meet the new requirements so that you can focus on the opportunities the new world presents. 

IRESS readiness

We’re committed to ensuring our clients are fully enabled for MiFID II. Find out how we’re getting ready for MiFID II and how our technology solutions can help you meet the requirements.


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IRESS articles and insight

A selection of articles, presentations and webinars on preparing for MiFID II and how to make the most of the opportunities it presents.


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MiFID II information library

The sheer volume of reading on MiFID II can be overwhelming. We’ve cut through the content and curated our favourite MiFID II guides and resources for your reference.


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IRESS is a supplier of software products and solutions for the financial services market. Whilst we seek to understand relevant changes to the regulations that will affect our clients businesses we do not purport to offer definitive advice or guidance as regards the meaning or interpretation of any new regulations. The interpretation of many MiFID II rules is still being clarified and there are many areas where a common understanding does not yet exist across the market. As such, any views and / or statements made within our website should not be relied upon and your own particular position should be checked with your Compliance Officer and / or Compliance Service provider.

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