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The growing appetite for equity release has triggered a boom in products and options in the market. So we’ve responded by introducing better, more efficient ways to search and recommend products.

Net loan amount - for accurate product selection
We’ve introduced a new net loan calculation which includes the effect of application, completion and valuation fees (where any of these cannot be added to the loan), cashback and other contributions that may be provided by the client. This calculation gives users a more informed product selection, by providing a more accurate view of the amount that can be borrowed, crucial where the size of a loan is a key factor.

Improved filtering
In addition, to help interpret the number of product lines and features, we’ve also introduced the ability to filter products after quoting. This enables an uncluttered view of the results for easier decision making.

Users can filter to suit individual client requirements, be this by provider, limiting the rates of interest, or based on features like cashback, downsizing protection, free valuations or the period after which there is no charge to repay the loan; and the list goes on!

Dave Miller, executive general manager, commercial said: “These changes allow users to navigate easily and choose the features clients really need.

“Our aim is to keep making improvements to our service, so you can source more products in one place, and re-use the sourcing data for the next stages in the process, allowing business to be done more much more efficiently and deliver better client outcomes.”


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