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Even the best developers can at times, especially when under pressure to deliver, lose sight of the reasons why they’re doing something. And whether they’re doing it in the best way.

But by concentrating on a problem that’s large enough to offer different levels of complexity, yet small enough to understand, distractions such as broader systems architecture are removed and developers can focus solely on the quality of code they write - closing the gap between day to day coding and the code they wish they’d written.

It’s the thinking behind Code Retreats, and also the reason why a developer at IRESS in Cheltenham has chosen to run their own.

The event, which will be held on Saturday 17 November at the IRESS offices in Cheltenham, has been devised to give the developer community there an opportunity to learn as peers, explore ideas, and share their responses to coding challenges.

A practical and hands-on session, developers work in 45 minute “iterations” to code a solution to a problem before discussing what they observed, felt, and struggled with. Then they’ll do it all again; each time changing just one or two things to bring different experiences to the surface.

According to the event organiser, Dan Kendall, release engineer at IRESS, it’s all about openness and shared discovery. He says: “Code Retreat is an opportunity for developers to take themselves away from the pressing need to deliver - a need that’s felt as keenly when we’re coding for fun as when we’re coding at work - and do the right thing. Code Retreat will give us the time and space to think differently about how and why we code.”

The Code Retreat is just one of the many ways engineers, technologists and creatives at IRESS support each other in discovering better ways of working; cross pollinating ideas across experience and discipline boundaries. Similar events and gatherings for the developer community are already held in IRESS offices worldwide, including a regular Python meet-up in Sydney.

The Code Retreat will be the first event of its kind to take place at IRESS in Cheltenham but Dan has exciting plans to roll it out to a wider developer community in the near future, so watch this space.

To learn more about the experience of being a software developer at IRESS, visit our LinkedIn page for developers.


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