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As Bloomberg discontinues its SSEOMS product, its clients now find themselves looking for an alternative.  

Whilst this news may cause a few headaches for those concerned, IRESS’ Head of Trading Business UK, Eugene O’Herlihy, warns businesses not to be hasty when choosing a new technology partner.  Instead, he recommends that businesses turn the situation to their advantage, using it as an opportunity to review their technology needs in a more strategic way.

“As a result of reviewing their trading and operational infrastructure needs, those ex-SSEOMS clients we have recently onboarded and are currently speaking to, see the opportunity for greater flexibility in their trading systems.” Eugene says.  

“Whilst it is tempting to rush the migration to new technology, it’s important to take a step back and ensure you’re clear on what you and your clients need. What people too often forget is that it’s equally, if not more important, to look at what sits alongside the software, not just the software itself.”

He also believes that businesses should look for providers who take a consultative approach.  “We understand that in order to respond to an evolving market, businesses are increasingly looking to be more agile. Our trading software is designed to optimise client workflows to match client’s business models and our approach means that you can incorporate the components you need at a pace which suits your requirements.”


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