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Tracking new business opportunities is fundamental in any business. Client Relationship  Manager Lee Ann Sheath explains how XPLAN allows you to clearly and easily manage this with Leads, Campaign & Case Management functionality.


In a world where people expect more for less, striking a balance between efficiency and service can be a challenge. XPLAN provides a comprehensive solution with the tools Advisors need to support their clients and grow their business.


Leads are a specialised type of thread designed for managing business opportunities for new and existing clients.

Leads allow you to:

  • record and track the referral source
  • link the lead to a campaign
  • link the lead to multiple cases to provide a world view of the workflows


Campaign Management

Campaign Management focuses on managing an event, not the workflow per client.

It allows clients to be targeted and advised of campaigns and supports the Adviser to mine his database and cross-sell to existing clients.

Records of client responses to invitations can be analysed and reported on.


Case Management

Case Manager allows for an adviser to maintain a collection of activities within a thread that are important to the advise process, such as:

  • signed contracts
  • planning scenarios
  • recommendations
  • reports
  • records of advice. 

When the adviser meets with the client to determine the client needs or propose recommendations, all the relevant information will be available through one screen.

Additional Modules in XPLAN

  • Alerts Manager
  • Threads Manager
  • Client Focus

Please make contact with your XPLAN Client Relationship Manager to further discuss any of the available functionalities within XPLAN.









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