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As we pass six months since the completion of the acquisition, we would like to take the opportunity to reflect on the significant strides we have made in integrating and unifying INET BFA into IRESS.


INET BFA is now a division with IRESS SA and the products, services and people form part of the IRESS SA Market Data division. This is the third pillar within the IRESS SA business and Market Data stands proudly next to the Financial Markets and Wealth Management divisions, both with well-established reputations serving the client bases in these segments.


Stability of the INET BFA systems and services has been a challenge and in the month of April we experienced some instability and failing of systems. In light of this, I wish to reaffirm our commitment to you in addressing all issues related to stability, as a priority. This is one of the key strengths that IRESS brings to INET BFA, our well established and proven track record for stable and resilient technology solutions. Whilst moving to the IRESS technology infrastructure cannot happen overnight, the need to create more robust delivery systems is a core focus for us.


We continue to work at sharing valuable content from both stables into front-ends, with the intention of adding value to clients, irrespective of the offering they use. Development on key products such as IGRAPH continues; we are enhancing and adding functionality, as has been the case for some time. You can access IGRAPH both through the INET Station and the IRESS Pro front-end, offering flexibility to our clients with regards to combinations of tools they can utilize.


From a billing perspective, we have aligned our billing cycles and moved to monthly billing, therefore limiting the back-billing that you would have experienced previously. From May onward, we will be cutting off billing changes for the following month on the 20th of the current month, therefore any removal of users must be received before this date. Should changes be received after the 20th, they will only be effective in the following month. We hope this will increase transparency and enable better cash flow management for your business.


In the last week of May we commenced a client roadshow, in Johannesburg and Cape Town, at which we are taking clients through our plans in detail. We will be explaining what options we have to enhance the user experience with our products, whilst demonstrating alternatives and offering greater value. Please look out for updates on our website and social media channels (Twitter and LinkedIn).


IRESS, taking the baton from INET BFA, was a proud sponsor of the prestigious 2017 Financial Mail Ranking of the Analysts Awards this year, marking thirteen years of continuous involvement with this event. The luncheon award ceremony was held at the new Times Media Building in Parktown in Johannesburg on 24 May 2017.


The rankings, based entirely on the opinions of local brokerage firms’ institutional clients, where identified and commended analysts that have distinguished themselves in the market through their excellent research and astute recommendations. Congratulations to all the rated analysts!


We have recently changed our phone system. You can continue to use the help desk number on 0800 30 30 30 and dial your old contact number in the 011 280… range.  We do however have new contact details in the format 010 492… and your client relationship and user experience contacts will provide you with these numbers, as they will become your primary point of contact.


Your feedback is important to us and meaningful engagement and re-engagement with our clients a key objective of ours; please feel free to get in touch with us with any feedback and we will be sure to get back to you.


Should you have any queries around the acquisition, please reach out to me or your designated account manager.

Warm regards

Barbara Arnold



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