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IRESS Business Partnerships Manager, Cameron Wood, chats about XPLANtouch and how it allows Financial Advisors to provide superior client service.

The XPLANtouch module is a mobile application which gives you and your clients the flexibility and convenience of being able to access data held in XPLAN via an Android or iOS.


Access and update client data remotely

Work remotely, giving you the flexibility to keep your client data up-to-date when out of the office and easily set prompts for future actions such as a change in circumstances warranting the need for further advice.


Your diary in your pocket

View appointments, meetings and messages on the go with XPLANtouch.

Its easier than before to stay organised and on top of things while you’re away from the office.You can receive notifications when a client sends you a message or document, and respond instantly offering great customer service. With everything recorded in one place, you’ll have a secure and robust electronic audit trail of the service you have provided.


24/7 Centralised access to your client documentation 

Add file notes and attachments on the fly, keeping your client documentation constantly updated.

Full integration with the core XPLAN system means everything is safely stored in one place, so your support team can access the information as it is added and perform their tasks immediately.

You can also hold meetings out of the office with easy access to all relevant client data.


Run risk profile questionnaires and fact finds

Capture client financial goals and assess their attitude to risk using the risk profile analysis and discussion tools wherever the meeting is held.

Data is ‘live’ so is always up to date and incorporated wizards will lead you through a series of screens, which can include the fact find to determine your client's current financial situation and future goals.


Connect clients to their financial data and to you

Clients can download the XPLANtouch App available on Android and IOS devices and access their portfolio information and transactions, view and edit their details and conveniently message advisors directly.

Product comparisons, asset allocation and fund performance can be analysed with up-to-the second data.

Having a secure, interactive platform empowers you and your clients to connect and engage, supporting better decision making.


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