Equity release improvements mean more accurate quoting

The third lender to offer real-time quotes and KFIs on our equity release service is now live on The Exchange as we welcome Just. This latest lender joins More2Life and Pure Retirement and is part of a bunch of other improvements we are making to produce more accurate quotations in seconds.

Lenders can now return KFIs directly into our system so sourcing moves to the next stage, with the KFI produced on to the application. It means we are offering much more than just a comparison of products.

We have also opened the integration between Knowledge bank and our equity release service too, following our integration from our mortgage sourcing system, Xplan Mortgage, to Knowledge Bank earlier in the year.

Knowledge Bank data is now available from equity release sourcing results at no cost. There is a link to Knowledge Bank for every product, where advisers can choose from categories and see the individual criteria, or just do a general search across over 250 criteria covered by the bank for equity release. This will allow advisers to establish eligibility quickly before proceeding to the application stage, or having to trawl through literature. It will be a great time-saver, if there are known aspects of a case that may mean it would not be accepted by all lenders.

There are lots more improvements in the pipeline, including plans for a seamless apply process for equity release. We will keep you updated, so watch this space for more announcements.