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Top advice tech trends for 2023

As we head into 2023, Iress’ Matthew Mensforth reflects on the last 12 months and the advice tech trends that might shape the year ahead.

Matthew Mensforth  |  4 min read
07 December 2022

Financial advice

Starting valuable conversations

Covid 19 brought perspective around health and resulted in more openness to the ‘what if’ conversations that are needed to discuss protection. However, the current cost of living crisis and ongoing economic uncertainty continues to create a number of challenges for advisers.

Iress  |  3 min read
06 December 2022

Financial advice

Reimagining how the work, works – a perspective on advice technology

The cost of providing advice is increasing, which shuts out many everyday adult Australians. In this article, Iress explores how advice technology can help make advice more accessible, affordable and reliable for everyone.

Geoff Rogers  |  6 min read
01 December 2022

Financial advice

Is technology the saviour of advice?

Technology has long been seen as an answer to making advice more accessible. How can advice practices use technology to service the clients of today and tomorrow?

Iress  |  5 min read
28 November 2022


Unlocking opportunities through data

There’s a world of opportunity for the managed funds sector to unlock through data. How can fund managers convert that potential to benefit the bottom line?

Warwick Angus  |  6 min read
23 November 2022

Iress Industry Voice

Equity Release, Diversity & Resilience: How Later Life Lending Is Standing Firm In A Changing World’

The current economic outlook is presenting a number of challenges when it comes to the public’s attitudes to spending and making major financial decisions. However, it’s arguably another opportunity for the later life lending sector to again demonstrate its underlying resilience. Pure Retirement share their insights.

Paul Carter  |  4 min read
14 November 2022


The Upfront podcast is a finalist in The Drum Awards

Listen up, punks for some exciting news about our bold new financial services podcast, Upfront.

Guest contributor  |  2 min read
07 November 2022

Iress Industry Voice

Deadline to Breadline report: Exploring the financial resilience of working households across the UK

The new report from Legal & General assesses the financial stability of households by looking at how long someone could cover their basic living costs if they lost their job.

Legal and General  |  3 min read
10 October 2022