Iress Industry Voice

The state of the Equity Release Market

Pure Retirements' Paul Carter discusses Housing Equity, Later Life Lending and why there is reason for cautious optimism

Paul Carter  |  4 min read
15 May 2023


Not on the high street

Warren O'Connell looks at how aggregators and brokers can make their customers lives simpler, together.

Warren O'Connell  |  4 min read
02 May 2023

Financial advice

Bricking it - the truth about Consumer Duty and wealth management

Matt Lonsdale  |  8 min read
30 March 2023


I know what I like and I like what I know

Should we really be hanging on to the past? Warren O'Connell says that refusing to move with the times can cause avoidable damage to advisers' businesses

Warren O'Connell  |  5 min read
06 February 2023


Protection - Finally an essential spend?

Is protection now seen as something consumers need to have rather than just a "nice to have"?

Jacqui Durbin  |  4 min read
01 February 2023

Financial advice

100mph Tape

Are we all guilty of patching up small issues until they can't be ignored any longer?

Matt Lonsdale  |  5 min read
01 February 2023


Feeling the frustrations

Everyone's feeling the heat in the mortgage market, and broker satisfaction with lenders has fallen. Steve Carruthers investigates a possible solution.

Steve Carruthers  |  5 min read
27 January 2023

Financial advice

What every financial planner should automate in 2023

The financial advice workflows to automate for greater efficiency and reduced costs.

Guest contributor  |  7 min read
24 January 2023


Prepare for impact

Steve Carruthers shares some small but meaningful steps lenders can take to offset their impact on climate change.

Steve Carruthers  |  5 min read
09 January 2023