Financial Advice

The Great Reflection

Albert Einstein is often credited with saying that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Matt Lonsdale  |  5 min read
28 July 2021


How to keep your mortgage business moving remotely

Five tips to help you find the work balance and technology that keeps your business moving.

Iress  |  5 min read
22 July 2021


Why faster mortgages will be a team effort - Panel discussion

How can the UK mortgage industry team up to create and encourage a more connected experience that delivers better speed, efficiency and outcomes for everyone? And how fast can we really go?

Iress  |  1 min read
20 July 2021

Financial Advice

Fantastic beasts and how to make them

How do you create a wealth management unicorn? And what is one anyway?

Matt Lonsdale  |  6 min read
21 July 2021

Financial Advice

Let's talk about income protection

How new industry initiatives aim to make the difficult conversation a little easier.

Jacqui Durbin  |  3 min read
19 July 2021

Trading and market data

AI and Machine Learning - just part of the furniture?

There’s no doubt that the global growth of data and analytics in the trading space over the past decade has helped achieve consistent execution at optimal throughput. As financial markets participants look to the future, AI and machine learning are now the hot topics on the tip of many a tongue.

Eugene O'Herlihy  |  5 min read
14 July 2021

Financial Advice

Think Big, Start Small, Scale Fast, but plan properly

Futurist Roy Amara stated ‘We tend to overestimate the effect of a technology in the short run and underestimate the effect in the long run.’ 50 years on the statement is still unfortunately true for many.

Matt Lonsdale  |  4 min read
12 July 2021

Private Wealth

The swinging pendulum: navigating private wealth management’s state of flux

Michael Blomfield takes us on a journey down the rabbit hole of private wealth management, offering his take on the current and future state of the industry from his vantage point in the box seat of fintech.

Anita Bortolotto  |  5 min read
07 July 2021