Iress Industry Voice

Athos Rushovich: ‘My heart surgery taught me the true value of financial planning’

Vitality Life  |  4 min read
17 January 2022

Iress Industry Voice

The life-changing value of top-quality protection advice

This case study from Vitality shows an example of comprehensive severity-based cover in action and why it is more likely to pay out in the event of a claim.

Vitality Life  |  4 min read
17 December 2021


Iress and Griffith University reveal the double-edged sword of choice in super

As new research undertaken by Iress and Griffith University reveals, choice and immediacy in super is something of a double-edged sword - especially during a crisis like COVID-19.

Guest contributor  |  5 min read
10 December 2021


Turbocharging your OEMS

It’s no surprise that respondents in the latest TradeTech survey cite integrating data as the most important use for OEMS tools. Today’s trading firms are swamped with choice, from multiple lit and dark venues, through to complex order types, algos and data.

Eugene O'Herlihy  |  3 min read
08 December 2021

Financial advice

I know a great shortcut...

When is a shortcut not a shortcut? When it actually leads to a better way of doing things. Or when it allows you to focus on what's really important.

Matt Lonsdale  |  7 min read
07 December 2021


Designing a successful distribution strategy

The dynamics of investment management distribution have changed forever. How can fund managers remain future-ready?

Warwick Angus  |  4 min read
30 November 2021

Iress Industry Voice

House prices and the changing face of equity release

What effects are being felt and what might we see going forward?

Paul Carter  |  4 min read
29 November 2021

Iress Industry Voice

The need for critical illness cover

The facts about critical illness and a case study to help advisers talk to clients about the need for cover.

Legal and General  |  4 min read
22 November 2021