Trading and market data

Pull a fast one

Iress Pro users can now analyse and model data even faster with next-generation charting from Cosaic’s ChartIQ.

Guest contributor  |  2 min read
14 May 2021


Super robo advice. Build or buy—which race to run?

Today, the super fund industry is more dynamic and competitive than ever. With future-proofing now front and centre, robo advice is one hot topic.
So, how does a fund get from point A to B? From nothing to a fully functioning and well-received robo advice service? And more importantly, is it built in house or bought from a trusted technology partner?

Glenn Boyes  |  5 min read
04 May 2021


The not-so-secret way to faster mortgage applications

As another lender joins Lender Connect, find out how API technology is cutting rekeying and saving time for brokers and advisers.

Jacqui Durbin  |  3 min read
29 April 2021

Industry Voice

Aviva Claims Report 2020: Key Highlights

Life insurance was the largest claims sector and for income insurance musculoskeletal and mental ill-health conditions were the most common reasons for claims, according to the latest edition of the Aviva Claims Report.

Aviva  |  2 min read
28 April 2021


Seamless criteria checking means better business for brokers

How a new integration between Xplan Mortgage and Knowledge Bank is making it quicker to source the best mortgage for non-traditional mortgage customers.

Iress  |  4 min read
13 April 2021


Protect Line Celebrates 11 Year Partnership with Iress

Life and critical illness insurance broker and Iress client Protect Line celebrated their 11 year anniversary earlier this year.

Iress  |  4 min read
07 April 2021

Financial Advice

The re-integration of wealth

Providing a vertically integrated, end-to-end service offering is often seen as a way to help firms expand their proposition and gain a greater share of clients.

Andrew Foster  |  6 min read
06 April 2021


Specialist lending in a changing world - panel discussion

The number of people seeking 'non-vanilla' mortgages is on the rise, but which lenders are in the best position to take advantage?

Iress  |  1 min read
31 March 2021