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Upfront is back for Series 3 with a new host: financial adviser and TV personality Emmanuel Asuquo!

He's having the conversations everyone in financial services needs to hear. Expect honesty, expect humour. Just don't expect it to sound like any other financial services podcast.

The 10-part series is out now, with a new episode every two weeks. Follow Upfront on your favourite podcast app and keep coming here for the show notes and more. You're gonna LOVE it!

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S3 Ep2: It's Showtime!

What do the most successful financial advisers do differently? That's the upfront question for our guest financial advice marketing expert and the world's best G&T maker, Philip Calvert. Join host and fellow financial adviser Emmanuel Asuquo as he gets some ideas on how to grow your income and client base.

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Meet your new host!

Emmanuel Asuquo is a renowned financial adviser, media personality, wealth-building entrepreneur, and international speaker. Emman stepped into the world of financial services at the age of 22 and quickly became one of the UK's top-ranked financial advisers. Here he is to tell you about the upfront conversations he'll be having in Series 3 and why he can't wait for you to hear it.

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Ep.1 Suits You

Would you take financial advice from someone in a hoodie? Emman chats to personal brand coach Jennifer Holloway about how to sell yourself (without sounding like an idiot).

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Ep.2 It's Showtime!

What do the most successful financial advisers do differently? Emman gets some ideas on how to grow your income and client base from financial advice marketing expert Philip Calvert.

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