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Trading and market data

Trading smarter in today’s markets means better, faster access to the right information, tools and support.

For more than 20 years, we’ve helped institutional, retail and online brokers trade fast and smart, with software that brings together trading and real-time global data.

More than 12,000+ institutional, retail and online traders around the world use Iress to connect across multiple markets, monitor and manage risk, access end-to-end trading support, and run more profitably.

How can we help you?

With one fully-managed solution that brings together everything you need to trade globally. Purpose built for market traders and configurable to your business, trading has never been easier.

  • Suitable for institutional, retail brokers and online traders
  • Market data from the world’s major exchanges
  • Full pre- and post-trade functionality
  • 500+ counterparties, one global connectivity network.

Trading & market data software

Market data

News, data and information service.

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Market data and trading software.

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Online trading & market data software.

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Order System

Trading order management software.

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Global connectivity messaging network.

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Private Wealth

Software for investment management & advice.

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