• Joint offering to empower buy-side trading strategies, accelerate time to insights and time to market.
  • Enables asset managers and hedge funds to backtest trading strategies and move into production with new ease and speed.

Iress today announced that its QuantHouse division has entered into a global partnership with BMLL, a leading, independent provider of harmonised, Level 3, 2 and 1 historical data and analytics for the global equity and futures markets.

The partnership will bring together QuantHouse’s real-time data services and BMLL’s best-in-class, full-depth historical order book data. This will support the buy-side community in understanding market behaviour and testing investment strategies.

The joint offering accelerates time to insights and time to market, enabling asset managers and hedge funds to backtest trading strategies and move from research into production at speed.

The collaboration comes as a result of completion of the data symbology mapping for both the QuantHouse real-time and the BMLL historical data sets. Data is now harmonised and available in one format, across all venues and all asset classes, to support faster research processes and enabling clients to map liquidity dynamics with a greater degree of granularity to enhance trading performance.

Iress’s CEO, Global Trading and Market Data, Jason Hoang, said, “The partnership with BMLL makes absolute sense for our clients and is a game-changer for the industry. Accessing BMLL’s historical order book data, alongside our real-time data, in one harmonised format, reduces time to market and empowers the buy-side community to enhance their execution and trading performance.

“By partnering with BMLL, we remove cost and complexity, and significantly lower the barriers to entry for financial institutions. Clients will benefit from immediate and flexible access to full-depth, real-time and historical order book data, enabling them to carry out research, backtest their strategies and ultimately improve their performance and will be especially valuable to those using machine learning and AI in their strategies.”

BMLL’s CEO, Paul Humphrey, added, “We are very excited to collaborate with QuantHouse and support the needs of its global customer base. Across the industry as sophistication levels increase, the demand for superior quality historical market data is intensifying. Market participants need easy access to global, ready-to-use data to improve their own products and strategies, gain a deeper understanding of liquidity dynamics and generate alpha more predictably, without the burden of data engineering and infrastructure on their P&L.”

“Our mission is to democratise access to high-quality Level 3, 2 and 1 order book data and analytics globally, and this partnership with Iress is an important milestone in our journey.”

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