If you're trading for alpha, it's crucial you get the data you need, the way you want, from a source you trust.

Our high-performance, low latency API data feeds and trading infrastructure help hedge funds, investment banks, brokers, market makers, financial technology providers and trading venues perform at their best - with quality data delivered the way they want. All from one trusted source.

We started as QuantHouse, the market leader in API trading technology. Now as Iress, we're giving our clients an even better way to power their data-driven trading strategies, with API data and trading solutions built for better performance.

Learn more about how Quod Financial has leveraged our data in their AI trading models.

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Step up to a new level of performance

Single FeedOS client API: Available in C++, Java and .NET C#

  • Full-depth order book: Market By Order and Market by Limit, order book consolidation and publication capability.
  • Self-publication capability: Use our solutions to disseminate proprietary data.
  • Comprehensive reference data and global symbology mapping: Delivered via TCP/IP, Multicast or IPC Shared Memory and cloud.
  • Globally integrated: By 50+ global trading application/fintech partners.
  • Monitoring and support: Available as managed and software solutions with full monitoring and support services
  • Depth of data: 240+ normalised market data feeds, 80+ sources

Market data APIs


Single API for high performance market data delivery to support multiple trading use cases; with 240+ normalised market data feeds from 80+ sources, integrated by over 50 fintech partners.

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Simple, cost-effective global market data feed conflated for bandwidth safe consumption for a wide range of trading applications.

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Data products

Analytics services

Four detailed analytics daily files covering exchange venue data delivered on a T+1 basis.

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End-of-Day pricing data

End-of-Day pricing data, including industry-standard reference fields for easy identification of instruments.

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Reference data

Comprehensive reference data files, normalised and delivered multiple times a day.

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Historical data on-demand

Up to 15 years of tick-by-tick, high quality normalised historical data delivered on-demand.

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Historical binary files

API-based replay of historical data feeds recorded in a proprietary, binary format.

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Infrastructure and connectivity

Proximity hosting

Trade smarter, cut costs and reduce operational risk with high-performance trading infrastructure and managed solutions.

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Order routing services

Connect to a global network of trading partners from 19 global points-of-presence.

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Raw data feeds

Connect directly to market data feeds from 80+ venues across the world, delivered via a high-performance global network.

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The power of partnership

Leveraging QuantHouse's data in Quod Financial’s AI trading models

In this case study, some of the challenges overcome by Quod Financial through the use of QuantHouse's high-quality and low-latency market data to improve their trading strategies are shared, along with the new potential initiatives opened up for comprehensive training and simulation of their AI models.

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