Investment management software that inspires better decisions.

We are committed to making the sometimes complex and challenging world of investment management simpler and easier by delivering you with a deep sense of confidence that you are maximising every decision, effectively managing risk and streamlining reporting - all while keeping costs down. 

Real-time global data; in one place.

Thousands of investment managers, fund managers and private wealth managers around the world use our software to access real-time global data, manage their client relationships,  portfolios and trade executions - all  in one place.

Gain access to proven technology that is customised to adapt to your business model and proposition with:

  • Comprehensive portfolio management tools in one place.
  • Supports advised, discretionary and full service investment management services.
  • Robust risk and compliance management.
  • Seamless order execution and allocations.
  • Enables portfolio management and trading across your front, middle and back office.

Our investment management software

Private Wealth

Single software for investment management & advice.

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Portfolio system

Portfolio management software.

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Market data

News, data and information services.

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Market data and trading software.

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20 years of award-winning buy and sell-side software experience

Customised to your business

  • Integrated advice and trading software
  • Portfolio management, order management, client management and advice
  • Comprehensive real-time data. From local and global equities to macroeconomics
  • Award-winning software used by leading investment managers around the world.

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