Growth is simple, right?

In an industry with access to some of the best technology, growth should be simple, right? But today the majority of businesses are steeped in disparate software; making daily life—and any chance at growth—rather difficult.

It can be easy to focus on what’s happening in your local market, however, there’s often merit in looking outside your own backyard. While Australia has shown promising growth as an entrepreneurial tech hub—the UK is a leader in this space; a nation with undeniable trading power, and one of the largest economies in Europe.

This eBook looks over the pond to the UK and explores the dilemmas faced by wealth management firms—and their quest for scalable growth over the next five years and beyond.

Learn from UK industry leaders

Together with industry benchmarking firm Compeer, we asked some of the UK’s leading wealth managers a number of questions about their quest for growth. You’ll discover:

  • the barriers stopping firms from achieving growth objectives
  • how productive and efficient other firms really are
  • how well firms are managing the client lifecycle
  • whether they are effectively meeting client expectations.

We’ve also identified six must-address key areas for private wealth management firms to focus on when going for growth.