Stringent new legislative requirements under Design and Distribution Obligations (DDO) bring about significant change in how financial services organisations distribute and market products. These obligations (set out in Regulatory Guide 274) apply to a very broad cross-section of the industry, including the issuers and distributors of most consumer financial products. Not only are they broad, but they are also multi-dimensional, placing obligations on multiple parts of the value chain to be aware of, and in alignment with, each other constantly.

For product issuers and distributors alike, DDO legislation requires a sharing of information; and that all participants monitor product dealings against the target market determination (TMD) provided by the product issuer.

The breadth and interrelation of this regulation requires a cost-effective and scalable way to create connections right across the industry. The Iress DDO solution assists product issuers and distributors in meeting their DDO obligations.

The advantage of an industry-wide technology-based solution is that it will materially reduce the complexity and cost of building and managing DDO obligations for the industry.

A complete industry solution for DDO

Iress’ blockchain services underpins the DDO solution, providing a secure and efficient way to deliver trust across the industry through a real-time, immutable and shared source of truth.

As new regulation is designed and enacted, Iress’ solution will ensure an industry utility is available that will continue to be extensible and that can be leveraged for greater efficiency as opportunities arise.

DDO industry solution

Industry-wide support

Iress DDO Solution supports the full spectrum of financial services businesses impacted by the new legislation.

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DDO regulations will significantly change how financial services organisations distribute and market products.

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Why Iress?

Iress’ local and global capabilities combine to make Iress a natural DDO solution provider.

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How will DDO impact you?

DDO obligations will create a fundamental shift in how products are distributed to clients and members.

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