Succession is one of the largest and fastest growing wealth management businesses in the UK.

Succession is a highly acquisitive advice business with over 500 staff looking after the wellbeing of some 18,000 clients across the UK. With scale and growth at the forefront of their strategy, they needed a technology solution that could support them on that journey. Following a strategic review, Succession chose Xplan because it gave them an enterprise technology solution - an integrated platform with back, front and middle office capability.

We’re now operating much more efficiently through using Xplan and are able to see an increase in our revenues coming into the business. The actual delivery of the advice is much more consistent and timely, which is giving a much better client experience

For Succession the main benefits of using Xplan have been

  • Having a technology partner and a system that could scale alongside their business growth.
  • A highly experienced data migration team that helped them move data succinctly from one system to another in a very short time period with fantastic results.
  • An integrated Cashflow planning tool providing a visual representation to their clients and helping develop more in-depth client relationships.
  • The vast amounts of functionality available with a considerable number of tools they have been able to utilise effectively.
  • Being able to configure and tailor the system appropriately for their business.
  • Fantastic support from the Iress team including great insights into how the rest of the industry is moving.
  • Significant efficiency savings around having one system and not having to dual key saving time and money.

Xplan is a fantastic tool, we are getting a lot of value out of it, our clients are getting a lot of value out of it and we are really pleased with our decision

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