How can financial advisers help more clients achieve their financial goals?

With Xplan Prime, software that delivers high-quality, personalised advice to more people, more efficiently.

Xplan Prime makes it easier to deliver an efficient advice and review process for clients with simple advice needs. Integrated with Xplan as one advice platform, Prime enables advisers to produce and document objective-based advice in person, online or by phone.

The result? Better advice for more clients, more options for financial advisers and more efficient advice businesses.

Xplan Prime helps our financial advisers deliver advice quickly to our members while maintaining the ability to tailor recommendations and optimise strategies for each client.

Mine Super

Built on the power of Xplan

  • Prime uses the underlying power of Xplan’s client management, calculation, portfolio and research functionality to match client conversations and efficiently develop the best advice strategy.
  • Delivers objectives-based advice to a wider range of clients
  • Produces and documents advice in real-time with your client
  • Uses one source of data, giving you a single client record and user interface
  • Supports face-to-face, telephone and digital engagement with your clients
  • Allows easy collaboration and tracking of progress towards goals.

Xplan Prime FAQs?

Download the Xplan Prime fact sheet for everything you need to know about delivering scaled advice.