“I use Lender Connect because it reduces the duplication of work from factfinding to submission. This, in turn, speeds up the appointment and submission time by a noticeable amount, which can only be a positive. You can then present to the client and package the case quicker.”

In addition to quicker cases and ultimately happier clients, Dan enjoys Lender Connect’s ease of use and clever pre-population, which reduces the time he spends entering - and re-entering - his clients’ financial details.

“Lender Connect couldn’t be easier to use. You still have to double-check the data transfer, but it’s still faster than rekeying from scratch.”

For Dan, there’s no returning to the old way of doing mortgages.

“I use Lender Connect whenever possible and would absolutely recommend that other brokers use it whenever they can.”

Lender Connect speeds up the appointment and submission time by a noticeable amount.

Dan Ross
Senior Remortgage Adviser, James Leighton FS

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