Find and apply for the right protection products.

The Exchange is the UK’s market-leading quote and apply portal for financial professionals. It makes finding and applying for the right products easy - saving time and reducing the cost of advice.

The Exchange provides the ability to research, quote and compare clients’ protection and retirement needs quickly and easily. It generates real-time quotes in seconds and applications are automatically pre-populated with client data—so it's easy to apply online at the touch of a button.

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The Exchange: smarter sourcing, better business

  • The UK's most established quote comparison and transaction software for financial professionals
  • Extensive market coverage, including all of the UK's major providers and 38,000 users
  • Comprehensive range of products for protection, annuities and equity release
  • Enter client data only once - no rekeying, applications are pre-populated at the touch of a button
  • Real time, accurate quotes, automatically comparing single against multi-benefit products on a single screen
  • Save time and increase sales, quote for up to five protection benefits at once
  • The UK's longest-established portal with service availability of 99.95%
  • Unlimited 24/7 access, with an extensive range of support tools, from only £10 a month.

With support and expertise from Iress, we have integrated The Exchange into our existing CRM system and deployed it to our 350 advisers.

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FAQs about The Exchange?

Our fact sheet includes everything you need to know.


Discover how The Exchange can help your business.

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