Check eligibility the easy way with Xplan Mortgage

When it comes to mortgages, a client’s eligibility isn’t always a sure thing. In 2018, only 3% of property buyers in the UK were able to borrow what they want with all lenders.

Our new eligibility service, available with Xplan Mortgage, is a simple way to check if your client is likely to get the mortgage they want, before they apply.

From just £2 for a single search and £3 for a joint search, you can easily:

  • Find out if your clients are eligible for a mortgage to near Decision in Principle accuracy
  • Run bureau checks powered by Experian and Equifax, with no hard footprint on a client's credit file
  • Identify how much a client can afford to borrow and have a standardised view of borrowing power across lenders
  • Check eligibility with top lenders in real time, with no need to re-key
  • Validate your client’s credit record and identify any adverse flags
  • Search multiple times for the same client, up to 28 days later with no additional charge.

Ready to switch to Xplan Mortgage?

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