Tech & admin sorted—so you can focus on members

Automated Super Admin

Delivering you a highly automated technology-enabled back-office

Automated Super Admin addresses the automation challenge via a complete digital offering that supports the day-to-day, back-office maintenance of superannuation funds. It allows funds to take control of their front-office, reduces the risk associated with human admin errors and provides efficiency at scale.

Super funds retain full access to their information, content and messaging across all channels—enhancing the member experience.

This integrated offering includes a hosted and managed registry, branded online portal, CRM, workflow, analytics and business intelligence.

Super admin made easier

  • Tech & back-office sorted: Covers all aspects of super admin so you can focus on member engagement.
  • Retain front-office control: Allows you to access, create, upload and send your own content and messaging across all channels without contacting Iress.
  • Digital-first design operating model: Provides your members 24/7 access with rich and accessible self-serve options, and automates your admin —including both straight-through and exception-based processing.
  • Full data access: Provides access to your data when and where you want it, at no cost.
  • Open integration: Allows for easy integration with any third-party vendor.
  • Certainty of cost: Both technical and legislative updates are included as standard in the up-front pricing mode.

Discover how Automated Super Admin can help your super fund.

FAQs about Automated Super Admin

Our fact sheet includes everything you need to know.


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