Brexit preparations

Iress is well prepared to support your business. We have a strong track record in ensuring a smooth response for clients during periods of change across multiple markets and business types.

We are closely monitoring, assessing and preparing for a range of scenarios and we’re especially focused on business, operational and regulatory impacts and implications for clients:

  • Clients operating in UK & Europe. We will continue to ensure that where regulations are different, that our software and processes comply with these, including the higher standard where relevant.
  • Data. We already have robust data security and handling processes in place to meet commercial and legal requirements such as the GDPR. Ongoing compliance is paramount for us.
  • Products and services. There is no information to suggest that Brexit will have any material impact on our products or services. We expect increased market volatility and trading volumes surrounding any Brexit event. On the referendum result day we saw a 343% increase in daily message volume in our systems, with no trading outages. We have reviewed our infrastructure and networks and are confident we have plenty of capacity to handle increased volume and volatility.

More information

  • We will continue to keep you updated with any material developments.
  • We have produced some FAQs that you may find helpful.
  • The FCA’s Brexit site is also a useful resource with detailed information for businesses on preparing for Brexit.

If you have any further questions including those specifically relating to your needs please contact your account manager.