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Fast forward

Near-futurist and trends expert Rohit Bhargava joins Olga Koch to talk about how financial services can keep up in a faster world with a little more 'non-obvious' thinking.

Fast forward

How to be a forward-thinking financial services business

There’s some world-changing stuff financial services can do

Vital statistics

How to be a financial services business that does great things with data

Until you see what’s possible, it’s really hard to make a change

Data is boring. What's interesting is the stories you build on that data

Alexa, help!

How to build a financial services business that’s more inclusive

Financial services have so many possibilities to do so many good things.

How to be a financial services business that delivers more

My vision for the future? Everything to be called Superhero.

How to be a financial services business that gets Gen-Z

Being a financial planner is one of the best jobs in the world.

Red light, green light


"We need to step out, move back in and ask what’s possible"

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How to be a forward-thinking financial services business

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