Bold, frank and honest conversations about building financial services businesses people love.

Elevator Pitch

Advertising executive and strategist Kevin Chesters joins Olga Koch to talk about how financial services can solve some of its biggest challenges by thinking more creatively.

That's a problem for future Olga

Behavioural economist Mark Pittaccio joins Olga Koch to talk about how we can get more people to understand the impact of financial planning.

No doubt about it

Imposter syndrome expert and confidence coach Alison Shamir joins Olga Koch to talk about the problem of imposter syndrome in high-performance cultures like financial services and ways to defeat it.

Chicken Little

Ex-hacker and founder of The Future Crime Agency Skeeve Stevens joins Olga Koch to talk about how financial services can fight back against AI-powered cybercrime.

Why so serious?

Fellow stand-up comedian and consumer champion Vix Leyton joins Olga Koch to talk about finding the funny in finance.

The 2.5 Trillion Dollar Question

Entrepreneur and Snowball founder James Perry talks to Olga Koch about why the financial services industry needs to change attitudes towards investing for the sake of the planet.

Work in Progress

Charlotte Lockhart founder of 4-Day Week Global joins Olga Koch to talk about the flexible future of work.

Something's Gotta Give

Creative provocateur Adah Parris joins Olga Koch to talk about building a fairer financial services system.

Living the dream

Financial adviser and TV personality Emmanuel Asuquo talks to Olga Koch about attracting and retaining talent in financial services.

How can we get more people to understand the importance of financial planning?

What would Don Draper do to sell financial advice?

How do we stop imposter syndrome getting in the way of success?

How can financial services fight AI-powered cybercrime?

How to be a financial services business that gets Gen-Z

Being a financial planner is one of the best jobs in the world.

Red light, green light


"We need to step out, move back in and ask what’s possible"

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How to be a forward-thinking financial services business

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