Iress and Listcorp connect South African investors and companies

Financial technology business, Iress, has partnered with Australian investment information service, Listcorp, to launch a new digital platform where listed South African companies can meet with investors.

Listcorp is a digital platform designed to facilitate information, discovery, understanding and communication between investors and listed companies.

The free service will enable investors to get detailed information on all South African listed companies via a personalised, social media style experience. The platform enables companies to contribute rich media information directly to investors, allowing them to share news beyond the market announcements. These include price sensitive as well as general company information they publish on platforms such as the JSE.

Iress’ head of sales for South Africa, Stuart Campbell, said: “This unique offering enables investors to easily discover and research companies in which they might be interested in investing, with access to more detailed market information and media produced by listed companies. Not only does Listcorp offer a one-stop resource for company news and trading information, but it also features a range of personalised tools to help investors effortlessly keep on top of the news tailored to their interests. from those companies of most interest to them.

“Listcorp is a global service, already available in Australia and together with Iress, provides an easy to use, intuitive source of relevant JSE listed company information for South African investors. By making high-quality company information easily available to individual investors, it empowers them to make informed decisions about the equity investment opportunities on offer. Listcorp enables Executives and Investor Relations professionals to contribute substantial information directly to an established investor community and enable communication channels directly between company and investor.

Listcorp’s chief executive officer, John Daly, said: “Partnering with Iress means that a far wider section of the market is able to benefit from Listcorp’s platform and investor tools.. Iress’ market reach means that we’re able to provide many more retail investors with the detailed, timely information they need, and empower listed companies to connect with all shareholders and investors.”

To access news and information from South African listed companies visit to register for free.

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