5 key steps to a robust client retention strategy

Attracting new customers is more expensive than keeping them, so it makes good sense to invest in a good retention process. Here are some simple tips to help brokers grow their business.


Don't Discount the Discount!

Economic uncertainty may call for fixed interest rates, but a good adviser, whilst acknowledging the economic climate, should always be aware of their client's needs and sometimes variable rates are actually the cheapest option.


Income Protection for People Who Protect Us

Income protection policies designed especially for medical professionals. As these are the people we look towards to help us get better we often forget they can also fall ill or have accidents that could stop them from earning.


The Product Transfer Lending Market

The product transfer/retention sector represents a big opportunity for advisers. New online tools can help ensure applications are submitted simply and swiftly, but lenders need to work harmoniously with intermediary partners and client retention should be at the top of any intermediary firm's agenda.


Protecting what matters most

When a child becomes sick, financial matters should be a parent's last worry. For financial advisers, this can be a difficult conversation to have, but protection providers have worked on creating more comprehensive products that cover a range of conditions.


Trust Your Mortgage Provider

When navigating their way through the enormity and unfamiliarity of a mortgage, all many customers want is for someone else to take the hard work out of it and that means trusting the person or service that is helping them through the process.


The Bank of Mum and Dad

Industry estimates show that more than one in four housing transactions in the UK are financed by The Bank of Mum and Dad, and research from Key indicates that the over 55's are seeking additional help and guidance in this area.


Industry Voice Issue 5

IRESS Industry Voice provides analysis, commentary and trends from the mortgage and protection industry. The ‘Show me you know me’ issue looks at how the financial services industry must use technology to offer increasingly personalised client experiences.


Why there's still plenty of time for fixed term annuities

A shorter term guaranteed income offered by fixed term annuities may be the perfect way for many to protect their pension savings and are just the kind of product that can meet both a customer and advisers needs in an ever-changing landscape.


Our wider duty as financial protection providers

The FCA has an on-going concern for firms to do the right thing for vulnerable customers and many insurers have become increasingly aware that families may need support beyond financial matters, including helplines and counselling.


Lending into later life

Research has shown that the number of brokers dealing with later life cases is increasing. This age group needs to be encouraged to seek advice in finding the right solutions.


The Value of Equity Release Advice

Later life lending is becoming a more effective option for those entering retirement and there are now a number of key reasons for people wishing to release equity.

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