Financial technology provider Iress today announced that it will expand its backbone infrastructure and QuantFEED platform to the new Euronext colocation site in Bergamo, Italy. Iress is amongst the first market data vendors to take up residence at the new site, as Euronext builds out its new data centre at the location.

The agreement with Euronext provides Iress with hosting space and connectivity services which will allow them to continue to offer the lowest possible latency API data solutions to its customers. Iress will host part of its core market data platform from the new site, which will be an additional site supporting its flagship API data product, QuantFEED, and enhancing its infrastructure and connectivity proposition.

The new data centre is anticipated to be online and connected to the company’s network of 19 other data centres in the coming weeks. Iress is already helping existing clients to seamlessly relocate to Bergamo IT3.

Iress’ head of product - APIs, Sebastien Tiphine, said: “We’re excited to announce that Iress continues to cement its position as the leading provider of API data solutions. By proactively taking this important next step, we are demonstrating our commitment to investing in our infrastructure and technology platforms to offer and maintain the highest-performance API data solutions available. We're confident our clients will experience a seamless transition as we bring our services online at the new site and enjoy the benefits of the new location as soon as the site is operational.”

“We will continue to listen to the changing requirements of our growing customer base, just as we listen to the ecosystem itself and will always look for new ways to provide customers with the very best solutions, not just for right now, but also for the future.”

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