Iress today has announced the signing of a three-year extension of agreement with Count Limited (Count) as provider of choice for its advice technology. The agreement reaffirms Count’s commitment to Iress’ advice software Xplan to power its financial advice business, extending the use of Xplan across its wealth management division to support the substantial growth of its business.

Count is one of Australia’s leading networks of integrated accounting and wealth services firms, with over 550 advisers servicing approximately 130,000 clients across the country following its recent strategic acquisition of Diverger Limited. Count has been an Xplan client since 2011, and in reviewing its technology ecosystem wanted to ensure it was partnering with the right provider to support its growth ambitions in a scalable and reliable way, while driving the highest-possible levels of efficiency.

Xplan was re-selected based on its depth, efficiency and productivity. Additionally, Iress will also be working in partnership with Count with the provision of professional development programs and events to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of Count advisers.

Iress’ Executive General Manager, Wealth APAC, Kelli Willmer, said: “We’re proud to extend and grow the relationship we’ve built with Count over more than a decade. Count has strong growth ambitions, and we’re delighted to provide the advice technology infrastructure to support this.

“We’re also pleased to work with Count on optimising their use of technology to drive efficiency and profitability for their advisers. We look forward to continuing to work closely with key customers like Count to evolve our software and service offerings, empowering them to deliver an exceptional experience for their advisers and clients.”

Count’s Group Head of Advice, Andrew Kennedy said, “Count is Australia’s leading provider of integrated accounting and wealth services, something we can only achieve and deliver with the right processes, infrastructure and technology partner.

Xplan has been our client servicing hub of choice for many years to ensure our network of financial advisers are supported with the most powerful, efficient and secure tools in the market. We know that with Xplan, we can continue to grow at scale and with efficiency while Iress as our partner will continue to listen and improve the product to match our needs.”

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