It’s not just our appearance that’s undergone some changes recently. We’ve also acquired international market data provider QuantHouse, which provides more than 145 data feeds from exchanges around the globe.

This is all part of our increasing focus on data to benefit our clients and users. We spoke to QuantHouse CEO, Pierre Feligioni (pictured left), and our global head of market data, Jon Eckfeld (pictured right), about what this means for users of our software.

Q: Pierre, can you explain who QuantHouse is for those who may not be familiar with what you do?

Pierre: Sure. QuantHouse is a technology provider for market data feeds, hosting infrastructure and connectivity. We act as a data vendor for more than 150 cross asset data feeds and we manage more than 16 data centers around the world.

Our clients, who are in the US, Europe and Asia, look to us for our ability to normalise data and deliver it efficiently across our global network.

Q: Jon, why has Iress decided to acquire QuantHouse?

Jon: We are hearing from more and more clients that they want flexibility in the way they consume and integrate data, particularly via APIs. So, having end to end control of our data is really important to us to ensure we have the right product offering to meet our clients’ needs.

Acquiring QuantHouse enables us to manage the overall quality, speed and content experience and be less reliant on third party providers. Its APIs and data feeds complement our terminal and web-based products by being able to deliver global market data via APIs and data feeds as well as broadening the depth of market data we can offer.

It essentially means a higher quality service for our clients at a competitive price.

Pierre: Yes. We bring direct connectivity from 16 data centres, linked to the main exchanges around the world.

Jon: And real time coverage of international exchanges will now increase from 52% to 75% of the MSCI world.

Q: What does this mean for users of Iress software?

Jon: With QuantHouse delivering real-time market data, our clients wishing to access global market data via APIs will see the most noticeable benefit initially. But progressively there will be broader access across the Iress product suite as we continue to migrate our feeds with QuantHouse.

Pierre: I also would add that our ability to provide the right answers to Iress clients is key. I’m sure they will quickly see a big difference in the speed and quality of the data provided through our products and the API capabilities.

Jon: It really is welcome news. Our users will be able to make better decisions with better coverage, resulting in a better service for their clients.

With QuantHouse delivering real-time market data, our clients wishing to access global market data via APIs will see a noticeable difference.

Q: When will Iress clients be able to access additional services?

Jon: The UK and Singapore can access QuantHouse services immediately. We are working on integrating our networks and we expect clients in Canada, Australia and New Zealand will have access in the next couple of months, followed by South Africa.

Q: Likewise, what does it mean for QuantHouse clients?

Pierre: Thanks to Iress, we will be able to provide more content around our real time data including news and corporate actions, all through the same API.

Q: What do Iress clients need to do next?

Jon: We’re getting in contact with all our clients who have expressed an interest in the service and we’re also actively looking at where we see opportunities for others. But I would urge anyone to get in contact with their account management teams to find out more.

Pierre: We’re all really looking forward to seeing how Iress and QuantHouse clients can benefit from each other as we work through this initial phase of our partnership.

Jon: Yes, I agree. It’s another step towards Iress addressing the demand for data channels beyond traditional formats such as screens.

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