Google security vulnerability - please update to the latest version of Iress Pro

Guest contributor  |  3 min read
18 September 2023


From big data to bigger data

Navigating the increasingly complex data landscape will require new tools and new technologies.

Guest contributor  |  3 min read
21 June 2023


Unlocking opportunities through data

There’s a world of opportunity for the managed funds sector to unlock through data. How can fund managers convert that potential to benefit the bottom line?

Warwick Angus  |  6 min read
23 November 2022


Turbocharging your OEMS

It’s no surprise that respondents in the latest TradeTech survey cite integrating data as the most important use for OEMS tools. Today’s trading firms are swamped with choice, from multiple lit and dark venues, through to complex order types, algos and data.

Eugene O'Herlihy  |  3 min read
08 December 2021


AI and Machine Learning - just part of the furniture?

There’s no doubt that the global growth of data and analytics in the trading space over the past decade has helped achieve consistent execution at optimal throughput. As financial markets participants look to the future, AI and machine learning are now the hot topics on the tip of many a tongue.

Eugene O'Herlihy  |  5 min read
14 July 2021


Finding your competitive edge: The evolutionary pressure on the trading desk

As the institutional trading landscape continues to evolve, the pressure for trading platforms to become more open and flexible is greater than ever.

Russell Thornton  |  4 min read
10 June 2021


The future of distribution for fund managers

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) have exploded in popularity in recent years, providing fund managers with access to a broad and growing client base.

Kelly Fisk  |  8 min read
08 June 2021